Access Control

Intratone’s comprehensive range of access control solutions ensure that unwanted visitors are kept out, while guaranteeing ease of access for expected guests. From coded keypads to proximity readers and RF receivers, ensure secure and simple building access without the need for mechanical keys.

Plus, with our Intrabox product range, you can choose packs with all the equipment and communication fees included, prepaid for 10 years, ready to work for any of our access control systems.


Manage access to single doors within apartment blocks and multiple occupancy properties with our innovative and stylish range of coded keypads. With a real-time central unit, you no longer need to visit a site to delete a key fob or change a code. A few clicks are enough from our online management platform Plus, our coded keypads are also available in Intrabox all-inclusive packs (no subscription, no commitment).


Replace old-fashioned mechanical keys with our vandal-proof, sustainable and intuitive proximity readers. By simply tapping a connected key fob against our proximity reader, registered users can quickly and easily gain entry – while our hands-free proximity readers are able to detect compatible key fobs from up to 1m away. Building access and key fob management can be completed remotely too with our secure online management system.


Control car park or garage access remotely and in real-time with our innovative range of RF receivers. Designed to be fitted externally, Intratone’s RF receivers allow both housing professionals and residents to easily control property access.

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