Our range of innovative and easy-to-use accessories completes your Intratone wireless access solution, and includes surface mounted boxes, key fobs and transmitters.


Our central units and relay cards and extension cards allow for the remote, real-time management of properties that have our wireless access intercoms and access control systems installed.


Compatible with our standard and hands-free proximity readers, both standalone or integrated in an intercom, Intratone’s key fobs options allow for easy property access for all residents. By interacting with the proximity reader from up to 1 metre away, and without having to press the key fob against the reader, our hands-free key fob is perfect for elderly or less mobile tenants.

Our transmitters are an all-in-one remote control. Compatible with our range of RF receivers, our 2- or 4-channel transmitters can also be used as a key fob for our hands-free proximity readers. Available in a range of colours, every transmitter is unique so you can monitor each device and ensure that no transmitters are copied.


Available for our full range of intercoms, Intratone’s surface mounted boxes have been designed to help with the wall-mounting of our wireless property access solutions. A simple solution for intercoms that are not flush-fit, our surface mounted boxes are durable and long-lasting, and offer superior protection for our access technology.


Boost the signal of Intratone’s RF receivers with our active RF-coded antenna, which are designed to ensure that your residents can enjoy ease of access when entering a car park or garage.

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