Designed for residential buildings with multiple occupants such as apartment blocks, Intratone’s innovative wireless intercoms save housing professionals time and money. Simple and cost-effective to install and use, our intercoms allow you to manage multiple properties remotely, and in real-time. Update resident details and key fobs without visiting the site!

Our systems have no wires, handsets or mechanical keys. Using GSM-based wireless technology, our intercoms enable residents to control property access from their own mobile phone.

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Intratone’s flush-fit push button intercom has the advantage of perfectly fitting any building’s surface. Standard versions come with up to 56 call buttons, but we also create bespoke panels depending on your needs and requirements. The intercom comes with individual name displays, wide-angle camera, optional coded keypad and a hands-free proximity reader. Special features such as a braille keypad, speech synthesis and hearing loops ensures that the system is accessible for all.


The latest addition to Intratone’s wireless intercom range, the push button intercom is simple to install and use, with individual call buttons and name displays. It presents a long-lasting and cost-effective solution to building access and security, allowing residents ease of access while keeping unwanted visitors out. The push button intercom comes with a wide-angle camera, up to 24 call buttons, a hands-free proximity reader and optional coded keypad. Accessibility features such as a braille keypad, speech synthesis and hearing loops makes it suitable for all.


Vandal-resistant, accessible and user-friendly, the V4 intercom features an intuitive scrolling call system that allows you to manage up to 1000 names / apartments easily. Its installation does not require any cabling apart from its power supply and, with a thickness of 2.4mm and its flush-mounted installation, the V4 video intercom is also vandal-proof. Set-up and ongoing management of the intercom is carried out remotely and in real-time from our secure online management platform, which means no more site visits to change a name or delete a lost badge: details can be updated with just a few clicks. The V4 intercom also includes a secure hands-free proximity reader that can detect and open the door to compatible key fobs from 1m away.


Replace your traditional coded entry keypad with Intratone’s wireless Reno intercom. Ideal for renovations and retrofit installations, the Reno intercom comes in three colours, is the size of a coded keypad, and can be installed anywhere. And, as it’s connected to our remote property management system, all codes can be managed in real-time: meaning no more codes that all the neighbourhood knows, your residence is always secure!


Intuitive, individual, integrative! Personalise your  Vendone putting your company logo thanks to his LSD colour screen. The Vendone can also be designed with individual prints according to your wishes.


With a full colour screen and engaging animations, the durable Intracode scrolling intercom elevates the tenant experience – without breaking the bank! It combines resilience with innovative technologies and guarantees cost savings, sustainability and accessibility.


One system – infinite combinations! Modular down to the last detail, from the number of call buttons to the arrangement of the call buttons, from the module of your choice to the colour variant – no other intercom system is as flexible as Create! In Create we have combined innovative technology, maximum security and user-friendliness.

Wireless Intercom DITA Create by Intratone

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