Digital noticeboard

Intratone’s digital noticeboards allow housing professionals to quickly and efficiently present information to residents.

Using Intratone’s secure remote online management system, you can upload a message to the digital noticeboard screen via your computer in seconds. This means that residents can access crucial information as quickly as possible, without you needing to visit the site.

The digital noticeboard range can be used in indoor entrance halls or outdoors. Plus, as they are durable you can be confident that you will save money through reduced site visits and its lifetime added value.


Intratone’s Interactive Digital Noticeboard is designed to make communicating with your residents faster, easier, and more inclusive. It enables you to interact with residents via its unique survey feature – present multiple-choice questions on the screen for residents to vote on anonymously using their key fobs and the built-in proximity reader. Poll results are viewed using our secure remote online management system. Multiple messages can be uploaded, with tenants able to scroll through them using the display buttons. Easy to install in shared hallways or indoor entranceways, the Interactive Digital Noticeboard is durable and vandal-resistant.

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