How does it work?

Making the lives of installers, property managers and users simpler

Intratone’s innovative access control solutions are based on the use of the GSM network and so, with no cabling (excluding power supply), installers can benefit from easier, quicker installations.

For residents, there is no need for installers to enter their apartment as there are no handsets to be installed. Instead, they can use their own telephones (either landline or mobile) or tablets to answer and open (or not) the door of their building.

As specialists in access control, Intratone develops real-time, remote web interfaces allowing housing and property managers to update information and manage building access for multiple properties, all without having to make a site visit.

Safety and comfort

With Intratone’s range of solutions, only a few hours are needed to install our systems and secure the residence. There are no metres of cable to be laid, or handsets to be installed. Property management is done remotely and in real-time, with no need for housing professionals to go on-site to create, modify or delete a key fob or transmitter. And, as the resident uses their own phone or tablet, granting access becomes much more user-friendly and intuitive – with the resident able to control building access from anywhere.

How do our smart access solutions work?

Receive a call

A visitor to the building requests entry via the intercom, and the residents’ phone rings.


The resident can access the intercom’s audio system or video camera by answering their phone.

Open the door

By pressing “open” on the app, or the * button on a landline phone, the resident can grant access to the visitor.

Switch to no handsets!

Save time
and money

Fast installation and set-up, remote real-time management


Cut back on kilometres of copper cables, kilos of plastic and avoid unnecessary electronic components


Minimise your need to enter individual dwellings

With Intratone, residents can benefit from:

  • Our free Intratone app, so they can easily see who is ringing the doorbell and can answer with their own phone (landline or mobile) or tablet
  • The ability to answer the door with as many devices as they wish
  • Simulating their presence at home by responding to visitors from anywhere

While housing and property managers can benefit from:

  • Automatically updated resident information
  • Remote and real time property management, with no need to travel from site to site
  • Intelligent access control, including color-coded key fob and time zone management, and protection against copied key fobs

Create, modify or delete…

  • Key fob authorisations
  • Names on intercoms
  • Time slots for coded keypad access

…all without leaving your desk!

Application intratone

Manage your properties wherever you are:

Download the free Intratone Pro app to keep our secure property management platform close at hand!

Available for both smartphone and tablet.

Opt for 100% real-time,
remote property management

On Intratone’s secure and free online management platform, housing and property
managers can easily control the building access of multiple properties.

Free online management platform